Retirement Planning

At Deep Think Investments (DTI), we believe that having a retirement plan is a crucial part of a healthy financial profile.

Focus on Retirement

Planning for retirement not only helps reduce potential future financial stress, but also prevents the client from not having to mitigate the quality of life enjoyed by them during their time in the workforce. The plan, at a minimum, includes all retirement investment accounts, estimating expenses, tax efficiency, healthcare planning and risk mitigation. We use enterprise software programs as we attempt to ensure we are providing the best advice to our clients. We attempt to provide more of an income oriented plan for retirement than other retirees not utilizing our planning and expertise.

Steady and Secure Income

We identify clients’ sources of income, estimate their expenses in retirement, implement customized investment plan, and manage the assets and risk. Our investments of choice include dividend-paying stocks, carefully selected bonds and alternative income sources such as master limited partnerships.

Social Security Income

Social security is a major part of the income for many individuals, during retirement . At DTI, we analyze all aspects of client’s benefits and determine the optimal age client and client’s spouse should receive social security. Our analysis includes reporting on spousal benefits, survivor benefits, and retired worker benefits. Our analysis can provide you with a significant difference between the best and worst possible outcomes for your social security withdrawal timing.


Retirement planning is broader and should include a comprehensive estate plan. An estate plan provides the legal security that the client’s assets will be handled correctly and in exactly the same way the client has desired. By utilizing the help of a professional entity such as DTI, the client can also ensure that all and any transfers of assets will have the least amount of tax consequences along with being sure the client’s estate has enough liquidity to meet the obligations to any of the estate’s beneficiaries.


Clients’ golden years present them with an opportunity to engage in activities and experience things that
they have always dreamed about. However, in order to make this period in their life more enjoyable, they
have to make wise financial and lifestyle decisions. DTI helps clients with the financial aspect of their
retirement so they can spend more time on their ideal lifestyle during retirement.

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