Why Deep Think Investments?

Investors owe it to themselves to take a hard, skeptical look at any advisor who wants their business. At Deep Think Investments, we welcome clients and their high expectations.

Independence and Objectivity

Deep Think Investments (DTI) is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. We are a fee-only independent investment advisory firm, which means that we do not provide any proprietary products. As an independent firm, we at DTI answer to our clients. Our business model frees us to focus only on clients success, and to put clients interests first at all times.

To ensure that all of our clients financial needs are met, we regularly work with their accountants, attorneys and other experts.

Client First

DTI strives to provide clients not only with the most prudent advice, but with the best overall client experience as well. Being that DTI is a smaller firm, we are able to provide a more focused and personalized service for all of our clients. We attempt to accommodate all of our client’s needs.

We take the time to cultivate the client fiduciary relationship. We have found that by getting to know our clients, we are able to provide advice that will accommodate their lifestyle, making their plans more personalized and easier for them to follow.

Then we will develop a plan that encompasses all our clients' needs, and goals. Once the plan is in place, we will continuously oversee and review the plan to help keep it on track.

In our capacity as a fiduciary, we always have our clients best interests at heart.

Investment Prowess

By using a disciplined growth-and-income investing approach, we use independent analysis to select what we feel are the most promising opportunities. And unlike other advisors, we explain to our clients exactly why their portfolio holds each specific investment. We never invest clients money on an impulse, and we never blindly follow the lead of others.

Our financial background enables us to manage portfolios in a tax-efficient manner, which we believe further distinguishes us. We manage each portfolio with an eye toward how our decisions relate to each client's individual tax rate, and how they impact that client's overall net return. We are continuously researching to stay up to the minute on the best investments for our clients.

Attractive Fees

DTI strives to provide the best of both worlds melding impeccable customer service with fair fees .


Selecting a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions that individuals and families will make. If your criteria for choosing an advisor include the highest levels of expertise, independence and integrity, we invite you to learn more about us.

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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